Thank you for coming to Sirens of Venus for your dream outfit needs, we can't wait to help you sparkle! 
Please fill out the following order form to help us gain an understanding of the piece you'd like us to create for you - the more detail the better! In order for us to create an outfit that you love, YOU need to know what you want!
We can't make something without a clear idea of what you're expecting, so whether it's pictures of other outfits you've seen or pictures of designs we've done previously, please send them so we can gauge what kinds of things you're going for with the design. You can find previous examples of our work on our Instagram: @sirensofvenus - Don't worry about sending multiple pictures if you can't decide, we're pretty good at picking out the different elements of each design and combining them together to make something beautiful. Be as clear as possible when making a request to ensure that we're on the same page and so you can avoid additional charges with the order later on. 
Custom orders start at $200 and increase depending on the level of detailing, patterning, and creating required. 
Turnaround time varies and we build our work calendar based off upcoming events and the orders we've already received - please provide the dates you'd like the receive your item, but also the event you're attending. Please allow AT LEAST 6-8 weeks to complete your item, and keep in mind that as we get closer to events, we have more orders/longer turnaround times and we have a tendency to sell out of custom order slots for popular events.
Please be patient while waiting to get back to us! We love doing custom orders but are also working on collections and ready-to-wear pieces, so it might take up to a week or more to hear back from us - if you're wondering if we've received your form, feel free to shoot us an email or DM. 
Please note that we do NOT copy other designer's work, but if you have any photos you've seen of outfits that you like, please attach them on the form - while we won't copy other designers' work, the pictures are good inspiration for us and give us a good starting point for the design. However, please ALSO include some pictures of our work so we can get some feel for what you like about our design sense, even if you have an idea for an outfit that hasn't been created before! If you have any other questions, feel free to email!
 Thanks again!
The Sirens of Venus Team


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