Did you know? The apparel and footwear industries together account for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and unless we change something fast- apparels climate impact will increase to 49% by 2030. 

Sirens of Venus is trying to do our part to minimize our imprint on the planet and participation in the harsh realities of fast fashion & single use plastic. We aren’t perfect but we’re trying!! Here are a few ways we’re trying to reduce waste and counteract what negative environmental impact we do make:

  • We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future [TFF] to plant 10 trees per order, offsetting the carbon impact involved in the process of creating your garment and making a permanent change that will continue to offset carbon emissions in the future! 
  • We are 100% handmade in the USA. Keeping production local is extremely important to us as we expand as fast fashion is a HUGE cause of global pollution! When you buy from Sirens of Venus, you can be sure that your goodies were ethically & domestically made by a women-run + eco-conscious company.
We're not a fast fashion company and refuse to become one! 


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